Which car fits your life?

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Which car fits your life?

BMW 5 Series Touring Car Review
evecars.com rating – 4 out of 5 stars
What’s it like to drive?
What sort of driving mood are you in today? If you’re feeling sporty and fancy taking to the road in a powerful and agile car then try the BMW 5 Series Touring. Need to head across the Channel and stock up with cheap vin plonk? Well, how about the BMW 5 Series Touring. Oh, you’d rather waft to work and back in pampered luxury; guess what? Yep, it’s the BMW 5 Series Touring again.

What’s it like inside?
The interior is so comfortable, so luxurious and so spacious that you, as well as four business acquaintances or family members, could almost forget it’s a car and sprawl contentedly on its multi-adjustable leather seats. If you’re a technophobe you can bypass the fiddly iDrive and control heating and sounds with simple rotary dials. While the rear seats don’t fold flat there’s ample space in the boot for the family’s holiday gear, and a handy lockable storage area under the floor.

Will it let me down?
There’s more chance of Alan Sugar gaily throwing himself into a song-and-dance routine during The Apprentice than there is of seeing a BMW 5 Series Touring with its bonnet up by the side of the road. Everything feels as if it’s been screwed together and then checked under a microscope for perfection. Traction and stability control are standard and would-be thieves will go grey before breaking through its defences.

Will it break the bank?
The BMW 5 Series Touring does cost a lot more than the saloon, but astute businesswomen will love the contract hire rates for the 520i and 520d, and if it’s your own car you’ll lose very little when you sell it on. Standard kit is generous to a fault, with all the goodies you’d expect from a luxury executive. Options include a fighter jet-style head-up display that beams info onto the windscreen and an electrically operated tailgate – presumably so the au pair doesn’t ruin her nails.
BMW 5 Series Touring
BMW 5 Series Touring
BMW 5 Series Touring
What It Says About You
You’ve passed your apprenticeship with flying colours

Our Ratingevecars.com rating – 4 out of 5 stars
Posh estate with quite a bit of Spice thrown in too


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