BMW 5 Series Saloon Car Review

| | rating – 4 out of 5 stars
What’s it like to drive?
Aspiring executives, pay attention: THIS is how it’s done. The BMW 5 Series sets new standards for the class. Drive one and you can’t fail to be moved. So much so, the car should carry a health warning: “Caution: may cause award-winning poetry.” Every single engine is as smooth as it is swift. Sidestep the optional sports suspension and it feels as restful as a baby’s cradle. Invest in the Active Steering and you’ll be able to pilot it into the narrowest of parking spaces without even breaking a sweat.

What’s it like inside?
The BMW 5 Series is so sumptuous inside, it warrants another warning: “Danger: may cause drooling.” You can move the driver’s seat and steering wheel until they mould to your every contour. It’s one of the most spacious cars of this ilk, especially in the back seats and boot. Mind your shins if you’re in the front, though. You can control the stereo and heating with easy-to-use rotary dials or the fiddly iDrive system, linked to the screen on the dashboard. Pay extra and you can have special seats that cushion your head in a crash, or a display that projects vital information onto the windscreen in your line of sight.

Will it break the bank?
If you’re an astute businesswoman, the BMW 5 Series will appeal: contract hire rates are competitive and the 520d, with its low emissions, is an excellent choice. If you’re buying it yourself, you’ll get most of your money back when you sell it: they’re popular, so hold their value. Slide the entire car under a microscope and you won’t find a single fault – everything is really first-rate. It keeps you safe with multiple airbags and anti-lock brakes, plus stability and traction control. And it’s extremely secure, so any aspiring thieves will need the patience of a saint.
BMW 5 Series Saloon
BMW 5 Series Saloon
BMW 5 Series Saloon
What It Says About You
Even the best isn’t always good enough. Brava for having such high standards!

Our Rating rating – 4 out of 5 stars
All you could wish for in a posh saloon – and more

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