Kia Pro_cee’d Hatchback Car Review

| | rating – 3 out of 5 stars
What’s it like to drive?
The three-door Kia Pro_cee’d is a sportier version of the five-door Cee’d. Stiffer suspension means the ride can feel harsh at low speed, and the police are not likely to accept ‘but my car rides better at speed!’ as an excuse for breaking the limit. The steering feels nicely direct, though, and the car is surefooted through corners.

What’s it like inside?
The three-door model includes more trinkets than an equivalent Cee’d in all three trim levels. Sport tops the tree with attractive leather seats, ESP to keep you on the straight and narrow (road, that is), and a touch of Hollywood glamour in the shape of privacy glass. Even the basic 2 gets alloy wheels, air-conditioning and front fog lights. Unfortunately the chunky rear pillars limit the rear visibility.

Will it break the bank?
Considering the equipment you get, the Pro_cee’d is a great value car. It’s not the biggest car for the money but with prices starting at £11,795 before you haggle it’s a hugely tempting hatch. After all, style is priceless and in terms of heads turned per pound it’s a great buy.
Kia Pro_cee’d Hatchback
Kia Pro_cee’d Hatchback
Kia Pro_cee’d Hatchback
What It Says About You
You’re stylish but you’re not yet rich, or a badge snob

Our rating – 3 out of 5 stars
Stylish and cheap three-door hatch, but not one to dazzle dedicated drivers

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