Beckham naked? We prefer rolling hills

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20 March 2010

Views of beautiful countryside are more distracting to drivers than the sight of David Beckham in his underpants, according to a new survey. Who were they asking, we wonder?

Neither Beckham posing for the Armani adverts, nor the models posing in Wonderbra adverts are as alluring as the sight of the rolling Yorkshire Dales, according to the survey from car insurance company Zurich Connect.

Not surprisingly, birds prove to be a problem for male drivers. Flocks of feathered friends came fourth in the survey. Not as big an issue as attractive women though! Two thirds of male drivers name the opposite sex as the greatest distraction.

In comparison, just three per cent of women drivers say they’re diverted by a nice looking man on the pavement.

Overall the Top 10 distractions for motorists recorded in the survey were:
1. Attractive women
2. Stonehenge (and other heritage sites)
3. The Yorkshire Dales (and other scenic views)
4. Flocks of birds
5. Angel of the North (and other art installations)
6. Ferraris and other supercars
7. Shop window displays
8. Attractive men
9. The David Beckham advert for Armani
10. Roadside graffiti


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